Our Support for You!


We support you at any time with information and downloads about our high quality frequency products. Are you missing data/ information about the product or are you looking for alternatives? Then we look forward to your message. We will be glad to help you.

We provide the following information (in pdf format) for you:

Compliancy and certifications

RoHS guide lines and REACH regulation
Our parts are RoHS and REACH compliant. We will be happy to answer your questions about individual products with regard to this EU directive and EU chemicals regulation. We will provide you with the declarations as soon as possible upon request.
Do you need data from the 'International Material Data System'? Then talk to us!
We will provide you with the information you need.

Reference Designs

You can find our reference IC's in the menu item 'Reference designs'. Here is an overview of all designs.


Handling and applications

  • Handling notes
             - for quartz crystals
             - for resonators
  • For information on the Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL), please refer to the Handling Notes.
  • Application notes for quartz circuits

Product lists 

White Papers and Design Guide Lines

Design Information
The design information can be found as white papers under this link.
3D Models and EDA Files
This information may be available as a download with the respective productif applicable or you can contact us directly. We will be happy to help you.

Do you need help with circuits or measurements? Do you have any further questions about our parts? Please call or write us!

GEYER Y-Design App

For your design support we have further developed our circuit simulation app. With just a few clicks you can create new designs or check and optimize your existing circuits.
For the PC version (Windows 10.0 or higher) you can find the App download on our GEYER Website.
You will be able to download the mobile versions of the GEYER Y-Design App (Android and iOS) free of charge from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Link to Android app in Google Play Store
  • Link to iOS app in Apple App Store 

GEYER Y-Design App

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